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Microsoft Azure


Microsoft's public cloud computing platform provides a wide range of cloud services, including those for computing, analytics, storage and networking. Users can pick and choose from these services to develop and scale new applications, or run existing applications, in the public cloud. 

We provide you with end-to-end Azure solutions customized to your needs.

Office 365 AJR Solutions
Office 365 licenses


Office 365 provides professional, leading productivity tools that allow you to get the most efficient experience for your business. Office 365 provides the ability to store your files safely online, facilitating workflow by allowing you to share your files from any place, at any time. With a broad range of devices supported, from your PC to your iOS device, your access and use of communication tools, video conferencing, calendars and shared content will become considerably easier.

We provide you with end-to-end solutions customized to your needs.

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CloudOnMove is a game changer in the cloud business.

With our new inventive product CloudOnMove, we are able to transform your IT workflow by removing the need for expensive, on-premises servers by migrating them to the cloud and therefore mitigating your IT costs while performing the migration faster, easier and more cost-efficiently than ever before. With CloudOnMove it is possible to move local servers to cloud and change cloud service provider, for example between AWS and Azure.

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