Kalle joins AJR Solutions as Cloud and IoT Specialist

Kalle at AJR Solutions

Our team was added a new member as Kalle started working as a Cloud and IoT Specialist.

Kalle began with his interest in electronics when he was wondering how a TV works and therefore went to study mechanics at 15 years old. Building electronics has always been his hobby and he has built several machines with software as well as without it. That enthusiasm brought him to IoT solutions, which he has been building for his home as well as for work.

With more than 15 years of experience in developing mobile phones and challenging web services at Nokia, Kalle has become an expert in innovating new features, development and agile devops.

–  I have an electricity company, Vihreä Älyenergia, for whose purposes I have been innovating smart energy solutions which use humidity sensors, too. And because AJR Solutions operates in this exact field as well, I can put my passion and experience into use when working at AJR Solutions.

–  The best part of work is that I get to create smart solutions that make the lives of people and business easier and combine hardware and software, and all this in a great crew! Kalle summarizes.

Welcome to the cloud crew!