Welcome to AJR Solutions, Arttu-Jalmari, our new colleague and junior developer!

Arttu-Jalmari began working at AJR Solutions as an intern right after graduating and as of September he was hired as a junior developer. – The best part of the work is that I get to absorb new knowledge and gain experience. As a recent graduate I get to continue learning on a practical level.

–  My personal goal is making a game because, besides coding, I like digital drawing and game industry was also the reason for me to start studying computer programming. Even though AJR Solutions is not a game studio, application development is the thing for me where I want to keep on learning. That’s why I find my work within web application development and occasionally also customer projects inspiring.

Arttu-Jalmari at AJR Solutions

Join a free webinar to learn what kind of cloud solutions can be used in smart homes and to get new ideas in implementing IoT in your business. Our CEO Antti Ristolainen shares insights into a smart living through IoT project with our customer Lakea. Participate in the webinar through Microsoft's website:

The webinar will take place on 29th of August at 9 o'clock. Welcome!


What’s new in the large field of IoT? Come and meet start-ups as well as established companies and hear what kind of interesting projects are going on! 

Both students and companies find IoT extremely interesting and this event is a good way of getting to know future talents. We are also recruiting!

AJR Solutions participates in the seminar with our senior software developer Jukka Silvennoinen sharing his knowledge and passion of the subject Serverless IoT Data Processing with AWS. We are also present at the fair. Welcome!

IoT seminar and fair 29-30th of March 2017 at TAMK main campus




Five stages full of program and up to 15,000 people to connect with. Founders, investors and the media take the stage to share their stories in fireside chats and keynotes. One stage is dedicated purely for pitching. The others are filled with tech experts sharing their stories and sparking a dialogue on the future.

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