AJR Solutions is specialized in the most advanced cloud and IoT solutions. As a trusted expert, we’re helping you get the most of the cloud by offering customized end-to-end solutions.

Our services include comprehensive IT solutions, software development, web and mobile development, software licenses, cloud and IoT trainings and consulting, and migration services. Our passion for developing cloud technology can be seen in our new migration tool CloudOnMove that is changing the cloud market while being fast, cost-efficient and easy to use. Whether you’re looking for an easy and secure way to migrate between cloud vendors such as AWS and Azure and from private to public cloud or the safest way to move on-premises servers to the cloud, we’ll give you the best service.

Advance with us – It’s our passion!


We offer end-to-end solutions in IoT, cloud migration, software development, IT infrastructure and consultancy & trainings. Read more about our services.




Revolutionizing your cloud journey!

Migrating faster, easier and more cost-efficiently than ever before. Ideal for private, public and hybrid clouds.


In addition to CloudOnMove we also offer Office 365 for businesses and Azure licenses. Read more about our products.